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Just Admiring the Scenery by Trevor Ducken on Flickr.

C330/65mm Hp5/Rodinal

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that’s about as metal as a rainbow is ever gonna get. 

If there was ever a test to the overall strength of our relationship, it’s been this trip.  We’ve had to spend over 4,000 miles traveling down the same highway together, only breaking for sleep and the occasional meal.  
I’ve never been with someone that made me feel like I had an actual partner.  She doesn’t play any games when it comes to the two of us, and it’s something I’ve appreciated from the very first night I spent with her.  When one of us has something to do, we both have something to do.  We don’t individualize our issues, and honestly, that makes every problem at least 50% easier to get through, just by proxy if not significantly more.
I’ve also never traveled so far with someone before, lover or otherwise.  There’s something romantic about the open road, when you’re both jamming to the same song and accelerating rapidly down any random highway.  I like that we’ve been able to watch each individual sunset together, whether it’s in the plains of Iowa or the mountains of Idaho.  I don’t feel bogged down.  I don’t feel like I have to watch my back.
I’m eternally grateful for the moments I get with this girl, and it makes all the bullshit I dealt with before her completely worth it.  She was the light at the end of all that fucking darkness.
We’ll be home for a couple days tomorrow before leaving again for a wedding in Michigan.  I don’t really care where I am these days, though, as long as I’m with her.
Tonight, we’re in Wyoming…but it could just as well be Hawaii or Paris. It doesn’t even matter.

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winged (by jordan carmignani)